For Duro Jaiye

Through this screen
…… of June rain
……… wondering:
………… Is Duro Jaiye out there
…………… in the Singapore smog?

3 Responses to “For Duro Jaiye”

  1. Yoshiharu Says:

    in the rain
    taking a trip through Singapore
    on vacation in June
    Is he enjoying an ink painting?

    • Duro, we know, is living in SG and not there on vacation. Hopefully he will share some poetry with us soon. Your image of ink painting is probably right, as the blue sky is yet to return after the illegal forest burning in Sumatra, I hear. A black-and-white world for poor Duro (aka Gerald)?

  2. Richard Donovan Says:

    Telling and poignant juxtaposition of two skies, one veiled by nature, the other by human-made pollution. May Duro find something inspirational in his new environment.

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