Seagull Post

Here is a recent selection of 5-7-5 poems received from Kamome (nesting somewhere on the coast of Britain). The pen name means ‘Seagull’.

Getting rid of books –
Above the charity shop
The blue sky, boundless.

Meadow grass darker,
Buttercup faces brighter
In the setting sun.

Old priory moat –
The tree’s reflection erased
By rising bubbles.

Swallow in a church –
I open for it to leave:
In walks a beetle.

Seagull banks westward,
Its wings’ leading edge flashing
In the setting sun.

Apartment sorted –
After eight years, once again
The urge to move on.

……………………. Kamome

5 Responses to “Seagull Post”

  1. I like the first haiku particularly, and the swallow/beetle one too.

  2. (from Kamome) Hello Tito,
    Thanks for putting my haiku and senryu on the Icebox site. I think the irony of the last one could be enhanced by the following amendment:
    Apartment sorted.
    After a year’s unpacking…
    The urge to move on.

  3. I, too, was especially charmed by the swallow/beetle one, especially in light of the first and last ones, which also touch on the pleasure and folly of trying to put everything in its place.

  4. Thanks Kamome. poem #2: nice contrast of nature in a transition phase. poem #2: an interesting/humorous way to include nature in a religious setting.

    • I think Gerald means ‘#4’ not ‘#2’ for his second observation.
      If you read this, Gerald, please check your email. I am awaiting the go-ahead on something urgent! Thanks.

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