4 responses to “Warrior Grave

  1. Beautiful! You know what would make this even more delicious? Hearing the author read it out loud. I _studied_ Gaelic, abeit long ago, and I’m embarrassed to say I still can’t pronounce this poem!

  2. This photo suggests some things to me. I associated the stone grave ,’Isibutai’-ancient tomb in Nara. And I connected it with a haiku of Matsuo Basho. For example,” natsukusa ya/ tsuwamono domo ga/ yume no ato” The combination of the worrior grave stone and clouds is fine.This black -and -white film is good and beautiful !
    Is this the morning glow?

  3. As Yoshiharu-san intimates, there is a universality to the poem’s theme, and the wonderfully numinous image seems to resonate with those Gaelic gutterals.