Warrior Grave


uaigh an ghaiscígh  … warrior grave

is gan éinne á cosaint … none to guard it

ach néalta fáin … but passing clouds

collaboration: Ron Rosenstock (photo)
& Gabriel Rosenstock (Gaelic/English haiku)

4 Responses to “Warrior Grave”

  1. Beautiful! You know what would make this even more delicious? Hearing the author read it out loud. I _studied_ Gaelic, abeit long ago, and I’m embarrassed to say I still can’t pronounce this poem!

  2. Yoshiharu Says:

    This photo suggests some things to me. I associated the stone grave ,’Isibutai’-ancient tomb in Nara. And I connected it with a haiku of Matsuo Basho. For example,” natsukusa ya/ tsuwamono domo ga/ yume no ato” The combination of the worrior grave stone and clouds is fine.This black -and -white film is good and beautiful !
    Is this the morning glow?

  3. Richard Donovan Says:

    As Yoshiharu-san intimates, there is a universality to the poem’s theme, and the wonderfully numinous image seems to resonate with those Gaelic gutterals.

  4. Thank you Richard.I want to listen this poem reading aloud by Gaelic gutterals.

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