from the Icebox inbox – 30

joker’s moon
always laughing
to keep from crying

Michael Henry Lee

Again and again
From inside the fuchsia bush
A young dunnock* calls


After a hike on the hill
cotton balls brush my face
a sudden spell of rain

Neelam Dadhwal

dunnock = hedge sparrow; call is ‘seep, seep’.

6 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 30”

  1. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    poem was to have read:

    joker’s moon
    always laughing
    to keep from crying

    with respect

  2. Richard Donovan Says:

    Handcuffed, or cuffed by a hand?

    always laughing,
    again and again —
    a sudden cuff of pain

    Such is the life of an editor.

  3. Great haiku! I think I know why I like haibun, though, because often haiku need explanation. “joker’s moon”? I’m afraid the only image it brought to mind were those paintings of crying clowns you see sold at seaside stalls alongside paintings of Al Pacino, tropical sunsets, the risen Christ, etc. Good to know what a dunnock is. I’m pretty sure I saw one on the banks of the Sumida River last weekend. It’s call certainly sounded like “seep seep” and was very urgent. And Neelam Dadhwal’s haiku was very tactile – I really felt it!

    • David, good to know there are dunnocks in Tokyo… and really nice to have your comments on the small selection of choice morsels here. Thanks indeed.

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