To look at long and hard …

winter moons 002

by John Parsons


2 Responses to “To look at long and hard …”

  1. An old rubber tire?

  2. Surely this is the weathered bole of a pollarded tree (one cut back to the main stem in order to produce the growth of a dense crown of leaves), in which rainwater has collected? Whatever the camera lens has found, however, we might agree: it is certainly arresting, especially with its evocative haiku. Could this bole, too, perhaps produce shoots in the far-off spring?

    I will leave the moon and the quicksilver for someone else to talk about, if they feel moved to do so…

    Out here in the Far East, 2014 will be the Year of the Horse. The bole is beginning to look like the bottom of a horse’s foot, unshoed!

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