Genjuan Haibun Contest Deadline

. Haibun is one of the most rewarding of the haiku arts, both for writer and reader. The deadline for entries to this year’s Genjuan Haibun Contest is coming up fast – January 31st. The Office is apparently lenient with entries received a few days after that date, but only a few days! Please note that the Contest Office is now in Kansai, not Tokyo. This is still Japan’s only haibun contest.
. Nobuyuki Yuasa has announced that he wishes to retire from judging next year, but that he is very much looking forward to reading this year’s entries! Awarded pieces will appear in a book we intend to publish later this year. This is an international contest, and we welcome your participation, whatever country you may live in. Entry is free.
. The Contest Guidelines are to be viewed through the page link at top right of our top page. (Click the photo of hailstones to return to the top page.) Examples of previous years’ decorated pieces are accessed via further page links there.


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  2. At present it looks likely that Nenten Tsubouchi will replace Nobuyuki Yuasa as the third judge in next year’s Contest, so a nice continuity should be in store. Please expect an official announcement in spring or early summer 2014, when the Guidelines are published. They may be slightly revised.

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