from the Icebox inbox – 31

floating down the dark river
in my tiny boat—
who is that, singing?                                   C M Wilson

leaping salmon
sunlight falls to the rocks                            Martin

autumn wind
a swimming pool’s worth
of bare trees

New Year’s wind
blowing blowing
blown                                                           Michael Henry Lee

winter fog—
stretching a lane
the bald trees                                              Neelam Dadhwal


4 responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 31

  1. CM Wilson’s haiku holds a mind-opening mystery: it could even be CM himself singing inadvertently. I’m unsure quite how Neelam’s trees manage to stretch the lane, but possibly stretch along is closer? I could be wrong.

  2. Funny you should mention that, Tito, because of all these fine ku, it was Neelam’s that struck me the most. What I saw was the effect of the leafless trees poking out of the fog, and giving the impression that the lane went on…. and on.