Glimpses of the ECHOES Haiga Exhibition

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  1. The slideshow includes not only a selection of the haiga shown in the gallery, but also something of the process of making, collecting, mounting and setting the exhibition. There were some sculptural works too, and, when time, perhaps we can try to add the original English haiku that inspired them. The ECHOES exhibition is introduced in the post below.

  2. The ECHOES exhibition was absolutely stunning. I liked many of the poems and some paitnings were out standing.
    Good show. Congratulations.

  3. Wonderful to watch in New Zealand this slideshow in Japan. It deserves a haiku of its own.

  4. So lovely! I wish I could have been there. Bravo to all who organized and participated!

  5. Annie Bachini Says:

    I really like the physical organic feel of the exhibition and the handwritten haiku.

  6. Very enjoyable to follow the process of the exhibition being created while pausing to read (and feel) the poems!

  7. Wonderful! Poetry vibrates with paintings!

  8. Thanks for the virtual tour!

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