Painting Haiga Plates in Higashiyama

Eiko and Akito in the foreground. Jiko at the topLawrence Jiko Barrow kindly opened his studio to Hailstone for a composition stroll (ginko) on Sun., 20 April, 2014. After lunch, we tried to paint, in underglaze colours onto preformed plates, something of what we had experienced. Each plate featured a haiku, some of which are given below.

KC4F0045The woods behind the studio rise steeply towards a hillcrest, on which stands the mausoleum of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, hardly a haiku figure! The fallen leaves were a mixture of the previous autumn’s (still unswept and undecayed) and the leaf-fall of the broadleaved evergreen trees and bamboos, which choose spring to shed. The dog, which belongs to Jiko’s landlord, is called ‘Charo’.photo 24
Easter Sunday —
the hailstone iron kettle


Higashiyama —
Cherry petals on the trail
A dog is reluctant to walk


white fungus
has wound around the dead oak …

……………. Mayumi Kawaharada

rustling fallen leaves
as we walk:
new spiralling ferns

……………. Akira Kibi

The dog confuses
My pen with a snack —
Spring woodland

……………. Tito

The bamboo grove,
My father gently recalled

……………. Ursula Maierl

Absorbed in serenity
Leaves rustle, birds sing —
The warlord’s tomb!

……………. Eiko Mori

Hideyoshi’s tomb —
Nobody sweeps here
But the April wind

……………. Branko ManojlovicKC4F0054
photo 15KC4F0063















Others participating: Peggy McMonagle, Akito Mori, John Dougill


4 Responses to “Painting Haiga Plates in Higashiyama”

  1. […] some uncanny chance the Hailstone Haiku Circle‘s most recent composition stroll also took in the mausoleum of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and you […]

  2. Looks like a great day out. I particularly like Branko’s haiku.

  3. Andres Matos Says:

    of the war-Oh-lord
    Spring does come

  4. This looks like a very nice experience in Kyoto.

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