from the Icebox inbox – 32

in the length of a breath shooting star

. Martin G. Cohen


No bird in sight –
On the snow drifted balcony
Proof of their passing

Its shrouds removed
the fountain stands ornate
When will water flow?

. Jane Wieman


shelling peas sun fills the colander on grandma’s step

. Nicole Hague


ikebana –
hands weave
the silence

. Theresa Cancro


Winter morning, butterfly
Frozen on a leaf

. Payal Aggarwal

4 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 32”

  1. A nicely varied selection, largely winter perhaps, although ‘shelling peas’ is prob. spring.
    It would be good to know Martin, Nicole and Theresa’s family names if they can supply them.
    I like Jane’s second one, which she also sent to me in a letter in a slightly different punctuated version with a colon at end of line 2 and a ‘the’ before ‘water’.
    Nicole’s haiku could better have ended with ‘lap’ rather than ‘step’ for me, although it would change the imagery.
    There is great poignancy in Payal’s piece.

    • Hi Tito,
      Thankyou for your comment, I like the idea of lap, it mirrors the circular motion and wraps the haiku in grandma’s arms..which is how I felt ( although it was actually a step! ) My family name is Andrews, but to slightly confuse I use my maiden name Hague for my visual work…I really should use one or the other…!


    • Theresa C. Says:

      Hi Tito,

      Thanks for the comments. My family name is Cancro. I’m truly honored to have my work featured on your site.


  2. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    Thank you, Gerald! I’ll send the printout of this to her soon.

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