wild bamboo

wild bamboo


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4 Responses to “wild bamboo”

  1. Beautiful, Gerald. So good to have something of yours again. Fine work! The kinesthesia in the haiku is reminiscent (but only slightly) of Basho’s ‘white’ calls of the flying ducks.
    If you notice that Frogpond reviews our Meltdown anthology, please do let me know.

  2. margaret mahony Says:

    a beautiful image created in my mind, a peaceful start to my day

  3. Great work, Gerald. Very artistic! I was worried at first about ‘seeing the call’ but the mix of senses works well with the physical penetration into the depths of the bamboo (is ‘wild’ necessary?). The haiga/haiku combination is so effective that if I had the least bit of talent for painting, I’d be doing that too….

  4. I have to agree with Dougill John about “seeing”. Mixing the senses
    may be a standard haiku technique, true, but here I’d rather get “deeper”
    into the point of the poem, the call.
    If I am allowed, I’d like to suggest an alternate ending, one that remains still within the 7-5-7 form:

    Deep into the wild bamboo
    wanting to better hear the
    cuckoo’s call.

    Nevertheless, the haiku and the ink drawing work marvelously well together. Truly a fine piece of haiga.

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