Plain Living, Happy Singing


From the bus stop

Still a long, long way to go—

Summer groves.


Toshi Ida’s new book has just been delivered from the printers! It is a solo English haiku collection, complete with Japanese versions, divided into four seasonal sections. There are also many nice haiga illustrations and photos (by the author himself), and a series of ten haibun pieces at the back of the book. The title of the book alludes to a lament by Wordsworth, “Plain living and high thinking are no more”, but also to the natural bird-like ‘singing’ of the author’s heart as he lives the haiku ethic every day. The book’s subtitle is ‘Haiku Scenes’. This is the first individual collection published by the Hailstone Haiku Circle. Congratulations to Toshi!

¥860 (U.S.$ 8) + p&p. The book will soon be available at Hailstone events, or in the post via Mari Kawaguchi (domestic) and Hisashi Miyazaki (international). Contact details are given on our Publications page (via the page link at top right).


One response to “Plain Living, Happy Singing

  1. Toshi-san’s haiku make me feel that they have been spontaneously generated from his plain, unaffected daily livings and thereby ease our mind as implied in Tito’s introduction. I also enjoyed the occasional gaps between English and Japanese haiku versions. Some English ones have a sharper cut (kire) or contrast (toriawase) than their corresponding Japanese haiku, and vice versa. I am interested in the gaps and thinking about their course: another lesson of the difference in the two languages in haiku poems. Tastefully amusing haiga show his artistic talent and amazed me. Ten pieces of haibun containing award-winning ones in some contests are rather diverse and fascinating.