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Genjuan Haibun Contest Decorated Works 2012-2014 published

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We are glad to report that “Genjuan Haibun Contest Decorated Works 2012-2014” has just been published. It contains all 29 awarded haibun pieces from these years and follows on the heels of its sister publication, “Kikakuza Haibun Contest Decorated Works 2009-2011”, which was compiled by the same two judges, Nobuyuki Yuasa and Stephen Henry Gill. KC4F0006The works come from many different countries around the world. The book costs ¥1,000 and the p&p charge to be added is likely to be around ¥510 abroad and ¥220 within Japan. We will decide a round figure and post it onto the Publications page soon (see link at top right of this page).

All entrants to the Contest during the years 2012-14 will in due course be sent a complimentary copy! Hopefully this will be done by May. Entry into our Contest has always been free, yet we send out real prizes and certificates to awardees, and we have always felt that we wish to return the support we enjoy from so many poets by also sending out a free copy of our resultant publication. Please be patient as we strive to find the time to perform this task.

The book also contains 4 classical haibun (by Basho, Kyorai, Buson, Issa), 3 haibun by the judges, judges’ comments, 13 classical illustrations (by Basho, Taiga, Buson, Goshun), 4 photos of classical haibun sites, and a preface and ‘farewell’ (including some words on the nature of haibun) by Nobuyuki. SHG has added a postscript.

This year’s judging has reached its final stage, but the announcement of the 2015 Contest results is likely to take a few more weeks, please note. When ready, it will be made here.

Thanks, Mari! Goodbye YBC

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Tito, Mari, Reiko Hayahara, Mizuho

A sad day on Thur. 19 March, when we held the last ever Yomiuri Culture Center Eigo de Haiku class (#295) in Senri-Chuo, Osaka and when Mari Kawaguchi stepped down as Treasurer of the Hailstone Haiku Circle after almost 15 years. Fortunately, next month the English Haiku class will reopen at the nearby Senri Culture Centre. The Hailstone Bank account began by being a brown envelope in a closet at Mari’s house, but moved on to being a real account with a regular Japanese high street bank. Due to ill health, Mari has stepped down and Mizuho Shibuya has graciously offered to take over the role. At the last YBC class Mari was presented with a grey arare (hailstone) iron tea pot (for green tea) by Tito and a bouquet from the Circle itself. Like most haiku groups, Hailstone is essentially a non-profit organization with any gains made on sales of its books being ploughed back into the next event or publication project. The next major expense? Airmailing 100 free copies of the forthcoming Genjuan Haibun Contest 2012-14 book around the world. Thank you so much, dear Mari, for your joyful, selfless service on behalf of so many poets in Kansai and beyond. We wish you good health.

photo lt. to rt. - Tito, Mari, Reiko Hayahara, Mizuho

Haiku-based Works at ’Grief & Anima’ Exhibition

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The ‘Grief & Anima’ Exhibition at Kyoto’s Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is open every day 9-5 till Mar. 14th. Tito (Stephen Gill) is showing some stone arrangements (ike’ishi 生け石) with a haiku booklet entitled ‘Gradation to Serenity’ 平静へのグラデーション. The haiku are all taken from Hailstone’s most recent anthology, ‘Meltdown’. The Exhibition coincides with the fourth anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, and the show has been curated with a mind to evincing prayer for full recovery. The Shrine’s famous plums (Japanese apricots) are in full bloom. If in Kansai, please drop by!


The saury are back,
sea-urchin and abalone
survived —
this long-awaited day

  1. 2012、岩手県、俳句 Hitomi Suzuki 鈴木ひとみ


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reflections 016-

haipho by John Parsons