Haiku-based Works at ’Grief & Anima’ Exhibition

The ‘Grief & Anima’ Exhibition at Kyoto’s Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is open every day 9-5 till Mar. 14th. Tito (Stephen Gill) is showing some stone arrangements (ike’ishi 生け石) with a haiku booklet entitled ‘Gradation to Serenity’ 平静へのグラデーション. The haiku are all taken from Hailstone’s most recent anthology, ‘Meltdown’. The Exhibition coincides with the fourth anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, and the show has been curated with a mind to evincing prayer for full recovery. The Shrine’s famous plums (Japanese apricots) are in full bloom. If in Kansai, please drop by!


The saury are back,
sea-urchin and abalone
survived —
this long-awaited day

  1. 2012、岩手県、俳句 Hitomi Suzuki 鈴木ひとみ

4 Responses to “Haiku-based Works at ’Grief & Anima’ Exhibition”

  1. I visited the exhibition on Wednesday and very much enjoyed it… nice setting at the perfect time of year for such an event.

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  3. ursulamuse Says:

    …a strong sense of animism for me in this exhibition; I enjoyed the haiku and the sculptures they inspired. The above image gives me a feeling of darting fish! A very evocative exhibition; poignant theme with the blossoms in full force. Ursula

  4. Yoshiharu Says:

    I appreciated the ‘Grief and Anima’Exhibition.It taught me some important things for art.Thank you very much.I thought the collaboration ,grief and anima.And I am thinking the anima of works of art.

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