Thanks, Mari! Goodbye YBC

Tito, Mari, Reiko Hayahara, Mizuho

A sad day on Thur. 19 March, when we held the last ever Yomiuri Culture Center Eigo de Haiku class (#295) in Senri-Chuo, Osaka and when Mari Kawaguchi stepped down as Treasurer of the Hailstone Haiku Circle after almost 15 years. Fortunately, next month the English Haiku class will reopen at the nearby Senri Culture Centre. The Hailstone Bank account began by being a brown envelope in a closet at Mari’s house, but moved on to being a real account with a regular Japanese high street bank. Due to ill health, Mari has stepped down and Mizuho Shibuya has graciously offered to take over the role. At the last YBC class Mari was presented with a grey arare (hailstone) iron tea pot (for green tea) by Tito and a bouquet from the Circle itself. Like most haiku groups, Hailstone is essentially a non-profit organization with any gains made on sales of its books being ploughed back into the next event or publication project. The next major expense? Airmailing 100 free copies of the forthcoming Genjuan Haibun Contest 2012-14 book around the world. Thank you so much, dear Mari, for your joyful, selfless service on behalf of so many poets in Kansai and beyond. We wish you good health.

photo lt. to rt. - Tito, Mari, Reiko Hayahara, Mizuho

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  1. ursulamuse Says:

    Mari, thank you for your long years of service! May your health increase and your haiku continue. Welcome Mizuho. Ursula

  2. Mayumi Kawaharada Says:


  3. david mccullough Says:

    Thank you Mari. It is always good to see your smiling face at Hailstone events. Hope to see you at many more.

  4. Here’s a copy of Masako Fujie’s Facebook comment for you, Mari.
    ” 河口様、長い間ありがとうございました。これからもヘイルストーンでご一緒に、よろしくお願いします。”

  5. Hi Mari,

    Thanks for your support over the years.

    Best Wishes


  6. Thank you Mari-san for such a long time. Every time the Haiku anthology was published, I sent money to you. So my memory about Hailstone comes back with you. Take care of your self.

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