You who, time and again, say
“How sweet is this coriander flower”…
How sweet are you!







5 Responses to “Coriander”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, a magnificent flower in its own way. At first glance, doesn’t seem to be so special. But closer, longer investigations reveal a more serious flower being a flower as much as it can. It’d make a great bath soap, I’m sure.

    • Perhaps you weren’t signed in when you left the kind comment, but who are you ‘Anonymous’?

  2. Yoshiharu Says:


    • Yoshiharu, thanks for the comments. May I answer you in English? The picture was taken on our roof terrace, where we have various herbs growing in pots. I agree that coriander is so lovely that it could well be cultivated as a show flower, but it is here so that we can use its aromatic leaves. It does not like the rainy season, though.

  3. Yoshiharu Says:

    Thank you,Stephen.よくわかりました!herbのひとつなのですね。かわいいハーブですね。

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