Genjuan Decorated Works 2012-14: Apology and Praise

The Office of the Genjuan Haibun Contest hopes that by now all those who took part in the Genjuan Haibun Contest in any or all of the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 will have received their free copy of the recently published compilation of decorated pieces (see March 30 posting below for description and a photo of the cover). We trust you will enjoy reading it. If you still haven’t received it by the end of May, please contact our officer, Eiko Mori (her details are given on the Genjuan Guidelines page – click link at top right). If you notice any errors of transcription, please notify us.

One, for which we sincerely apologize, has recently been discovered on page 76 in John Kinory’s piece, Prime Meridian. Near the end, “He smile” should be “Her smile” and, in the same sentence, “had brought me” should have been “had bought me”.

Fortunately, we have already received some very encouraging feedback from prominent haibun writers:

“With its 120 pages, judges’ comments and ‘classical Japanese haibun’ this is a considerable work, and a significant contribution to contemporary haibun literature, meriting congratulations to all involved. Incidentally, it’s also a crisp and attractive book production.” (Ken Jones)

“Congratulations on another successful haibun contest. it has been instrumental in keeping haibun an active and vibrant genre. thanks for the good work.” (Jim Kacian)

“… a masterpiece of inspiration and production, not to overlook generosity and ‘haiku spirit’. I was completely taken by surprise and totally overwhelmed to receive it. Thank you so much.” (David Cobb)

Should you wish to order your own copy, details are given on our Publications page (click link at top right).

The four prize-winning pieces in the 2015 Contest are now up on our Genjuan ’15 Winning Haibun page (link at top right).

The Guidelines for the 2016 Contest are now up on our Genjuan Guidelines page (via another link at top right).

5 responses to “Genjuan Decorated Works 2012-14: Apology and Praise

  1. Hi Tito: Thanks for alerting us that if we participated in Genjaun this year, we should have received our free copy of the results. Haven’t received mine yet, and can’t find any link to click on to reach Eiko. Would you be so kind as to send me her email address, or let me know how I notify her? Thanks, Renee Owen (No. Calif. haiku poet & HPNC member)

    • Renee, You entered the 2015 Contest, but not the 12, 13 or 14 ones. We have sent the free 2012-14 Haibun collection only to those who entered the Contest during the years in question. If you wish to order it, please find details on our Publications page via the link at top right.

  2. Thank you very much for the book, Master!It arrived Thursday.Japanese mail-san works well. Yours,Bo Lille Writer

    Bregnerødvej 66, 2th / DK 3460 Birkerød

    mobil 0045-26735208

  3. Another prominent haijin and editor, Dimitar Anakiev, has just received his copy of the Genjuan book and commented thus:

    “No doubt that this is an important step in building a really international institution for the art of haibun. The way to grow is to find and become attractive for real authors, those writing really important things, using real and deep emotions — like Basho did.”

    The Genjuan will certainly continue to do its best to attract such whole-hearted people.