from the Icebox inbox – 35

zoo visit…
after the downpour
a rainbow of macaws

……. (Grace Galton)

spring morning
how i fiddle with piano keys
missing her caress

……. (Payal Aggarwal)

indulgent mother
cow licking her calf
till he shines

……. (Joyce Joslin Lorenson)

Waiting for summer
The ice and snow are melted
But tempestuous storms
Wreak havoc
And I pine alone.

……. (Jane Wieman, Madison, Wisconsin)


3 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 35”

  1. Thanks, Hisashi. I feel you’ve chosen very well. Grace’s haiku is simple but marvellous. I have come back to it already two times. It seems to get better and better with re-reading. Payal’s is perhaps slightly too self-conscious for haiku: yet it is that rarest of things, a true love three-liner. Those in love usually devote more lines! The shine on Joyce’s calf is also memorable and well worth recording.

  2. shrikaanth Says:

    Nice selection. Grace Galton’s ku brings to my mind my haiku which was published in the Blithe Spirit 25.1

    cloudburst on Easter
    a macaw shrugs it away
    but keeps the rainbow

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