medicine buddha mantra


medicine buddha mantra

in the breeze

incense smoke swirls

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  1. Ursula Maierl Says:

    Medicine Buddha mantra featured in a meditation sit in the wake of the Nepal quake, with reverberations of Fukushima. It was also offered for suffering of individual beings. I once read that the Japanese see our lives as a stick of incense, perfuming the lives of others . I was moved by the delicacy of the smoke’s fragile evanescence in the breeze… our lives…

  2. You have five ‘likes’, Ursula, which means that your haiku has struck a chord. I like it, too – for its image, its cadence and, above all, its generous, connected sentiment. It might help some readers to know that the “Medicine Buddha” is Bhaisajyaguru in Sanskrit and Yakushi Nyorai in Japanese. The mantra, “oṃ bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajye mahābhaiṣajya-samudgate svāhā”, which will have a Japanese equivalent, calls for an understanding that can eliminate the suffering of all sentient beings. Those in Central Nepal, afflicted by the terrible spring Quakes, have certainly been needful of the understanding, and some of the affected are indeed Buddhists. The incense smoke will be swirling in Nepal, too.
    I look forward to your next post, perhaps from abroad?

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