Journeys 2015

We seldom advertise others’ books on this site, but, given that two Hailstones (NY and SHG) and one recent visitor and Genjuan Haibun Grand Prix-winner (MC) are featured, we thought we would make an exception for ‘Journeys 2015’, which contains no less than 145 haibun, some published for the first time. Journeys 2015If we look down the list of contributors’ names, we must conclude that this is sure to be an excellent collection of contemporary world haibun and fortifies the mission to make haibun a genre of world literature, one of the twin objectives of the Genjuan Haibun Contest (the other being to re-introduce the genre to its mother nation, Japan).

Tirelessly edited by Angelee Deodhar in Chandigarh, India. Hopefully, the collection will gain a large Indian readership, not to mention many others around the world. For a list of contributors please go here: and for ordering details, here:

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  1. Dear Tito,Thank you so much for posting this notice about Journeys 2015.with best wishes,angelee

  2. Reblogged this on Haikutec’s Weblog and commented:
    I’m proud to be featured in this important anthology of haibun which Basho made famous so many years ago.

    • Thank you !
      Journeys 2015 is number 4 on Amazon Hot New Releases releases/books/10250/ref=zg_bs_tab_t_bsnr

      • It’s terrific that Journeys 2015 has been number two, then seven, and now back up to four.

        For hourly updates it’s incredible that a genre that is not well-known in some quarters is so popular.

        Well done for doing a magnificent job on this, and having a great team!

        warmest regards,

        Alan, With Words

  3. A very good review (by Paresh Tiwari) is posted here:

    • Dear Tito,Thank you for this Boxing Day(St.Stephen’s Day) gift.Thank you also for honouring me with your haibun in Journeys 2015.With best wishes for the New Year,to you aand the Hailstones haiku friends,angelee

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