from the Icebox inbox – 37

Charity shopfront –
Woodworm holes in the handle
Of an old man’s cane.


First sleet
on the kitchen garden –
citrons sparkle through

Yoshiharu Kondo

grandmother’s room
devoid of knick-knacks
but a Christmas rose

Payal Aggarwal

Bald eagle soaring
high in a blue blue sky
as we dance
on the ground below

Jane Wieman

fresh snow
the new beauty
of a lifeless rose

Joyce Joslin Lorenson

first cuckoo…
a slight hesitation
in the nun’s prayers

Grace Galton


‘citron’ – yuzu, a fragrant orange used to flavour Japanese winter dishes
‘Christmas rose’ – the rhizome helleborus (and not a thorny rosaceae)
‘dance’ – a Serbian folk-dance, we are told


2 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 37”

  1. I’d like to comment on Jane Wieman’s haiku poem, for it contains an unusual switch of perspective, almost as if the poet is in the sky with the bird (or is the bird) somehow looking down on herself dancing BELOW. It’s the use of the final preposition that permits this transporting experience. ‘as we dance HERE / on the ground below’ would have been less shamanical. Nice, though! I also enjoyed the seasonal feeling in Grace Galton’s haiku.

  2. Thinking of Yoshiharu Kondo’s haiku this January:

    ····grapefruit—the juice on the kitchen window

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