Genjuan 2016 – deadline approaches

Haibun is one of the most rewarding of the haiku arts, both for writer and reader. The deadline for entries to this year’s Genjuan Haibun Contest is coming up fast – January 31st. The Office is apparently lenient with entries received a few days after that date, but only a few days! Entry is free. This is still Japan’s only English language haibun contest and we welcome your participation, whatever country you may live in. Two of the three judges are Japanese haijin.  The Contest Guidelines (incl. Office address) are to be viewed through the page link at top right of our top page. (Click the Icebox header photo of hailstones to return to the top page.) Examples of previous years’ decorated pieces are accessed via further page links at top right. Please enjoy them! Your entries will certainly be carefully read.

3 responses to “Genjuan 2016 – deadline approaches

  1. I thought 1/31 was the mail-by date, but now I see it’s the receive-by date! I hope my entry will arrive within the period of leniency!

    • We hope so, too, dear Ellis. We look forward to your next post. In the meantime, kindly leave a comment or two on anything that grabs or reminds… Thanks.