Sri Lanka – stolen flowers, dancing & worms

We went to Sri Lanka last week for four days for a friend’s wedding. Everyone received a gift from the bride and groom, then the DJ got going – and so did the most dance-addled wedding crowd I’d ever had the gleeful privilege to be a part of.

Slights like
this smaller gift –
then dancing

We were taken around some of the sights on the island for a couple of days after the wedding, one of which was Danbulla Temple. We were all given a flower at the entrance to take up to the temple. Mine didn’t even make it halfway.

A flower for Buddha
Devoured in bliss
By a monkey


Leaving, there was a brief, ostensibly routine, yet all-the-same extraordinary, pat-down at the airport that left me glazy and strangely elated.

Touched like that
at security
woke warm worms

No other words for it. (But, for a little context, may I add that friends were there, one of whom – from Brazil – is into gardening, for which he breeds worms: minhoca [mee-nyo-ka] in Portuguese.)

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  1. Ursula wrote a haiku in her notebook that ended up being food for a deer (see two posts below on Matsuyama – the first haiku). Your flower offering for the Buddha? Snatched by a monkey and chewed up. I really don’t know, … what is the world coming to? These animals seem to show no respect!
    Your first haiku: very psychological: your last, very physical. Unusual piece. Thanks.
    Isn’t Sri Lanka a great place!

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