from the Icebox inbox – 38

new shoes
snow squeaks like
last year’s
………… (Iliyana Stoyanova)

Shallow lake stretches
Between the rec ground goalmouths –
Cotton wool clouds pass.
………… (Kamome)

evening hush
beyond city lights
wires hum
………… (Joyce Joslin Lorenson)

the marina
cluttered with yachts
suddenly a clink!
………… (Diarmuid Fitzgerald)


2 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 38”

  1. Soan Weng Says:

    fresh snowflake falls
    frozen clouds waltz
    cold twilight sparkles

    • Soan, kindly leave any haiku you wish to submit on the Submissions page (NEW ONES HERE!), which you can reach via the orange page link at top right of the top page. Anything you leave will be considered by an editor for inclusion in the next “inbox” posting in a few months’ time.
      I suggest that you try to join two of your three images together to avoid what I would call ‘an image shopping list’ with two breaks. Whatever, thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.

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