English Journal interview

In the current (August 2016) issue EJ cover_201608of Japan’s oldest English language educational journal, the “English Journal”, you may be surprised to find, alongside Barrack Obama’s Hiroshima speech and interviews with Lady Gaga and Paul Krugman, one with SHG (Tito) entitled “俳句に魅せられたイギリス人” (A Briton Spellbound by Haiku). EJ mokuji_201608In it, he talks about Buson, Basho, Hailstone Haiku Circle and the British Haiku Society. The magazine contains an audio CD so that you can listen to the original English words as you read them. A Japanese translation of the interview is also printed. Nobuyuki Yuasa wrote the introduction to the Tito interview. ¥1,512 from your nearest bookshop!

…… A Koya bee ……………………… 高野山
…… on a Koya thistle …………….. 蜂いる路の
…… on a Koya road ……………….. 薊かな

(haiku from the article by Tito; Jap. trans. by Hisashi Miyazaki)


3 Responses to “English Journal interview”

  1. Koya-san is a mountain temple in Wakayama prefecture. It was founded in the 9th century by Tantric Buddhist priest, Kukai… and there is a pilgrims’ trail leading to it. The haiku quoted above was written while walking the trail with Kim Richardson.

    • I love the cemetery at Koya-san. Spending the night at one of temples is also an interesting experience.

  2. Oh, was that you? I was subscribing the magazines at that time.

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