Sea Breeze

.. Yesterday, July 23rd, I went to a favourite place, the sacred isle of Oshima 雄島 in North Fukui, to launch my birthday balloon. It was no. 47 in a series going all the way back to Spain in 1970: an annual personal ritual. My stepmother had sent me a bright yellow card on which the silver words “You can have a happy childhood at any age” were printed.

.. Crossing back again onto the mainland, I retreated into Anto’s one-and-only cafe for some ice and shade. At the only other occupied table, two young lads were doing part of their holiday homework under the watchful eye of Grandma. One was trying to squeeze a little more red out of a well-used tube of pigment.

…….. Vermilion bridges
…….. Over cobalt seas:
…….. Two boys’ summer paintings

+ click on the photo to see the balloon! +


10 Responses to “Sea Breeze”

  1. Ursula Maierl Says:

    How marvellous to have a birthday at the start of the Sirius year cycle. Omedetou.

  2. Dear Tito ,Thank you for this wonderful, light hearted piece of writing,very nicely done haibun,love and light,angelee p.s. please do have a look communion5-Angelee-Deodhar.html

    • Thanks, Angelee. I particularly liked the filmic and deeply-moving ‘Unwanted’, a scene no doubt from India today.

  3. Margaret mahony Says:

    I just woke up and read this what a beautiful way to start my day you took me there.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Tito we share the same date I was just blessed to turn 65

  5. I wonder. 47 happy ballons somewhere together.

    Happy belated birthday Tito.

    • Thanks, Gerald. That means 2019 will be my fiftieth balloon, I suppose. I hadn’t thought of that.

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