For more than ten years now, each summer I have gone back to Serbia, the place of my birth. This summer, my family took a four-day trip to the southwest of the country. On the third day we found ourselves at the Special Natural Reserve, ‘Uvac’. My son and I joined a boat tour along its famous meanders, the longest of its kind in Europe. The emerald body of water snakes its way through the Uvac Canyon for some 25 kilometres. The tour took five hours, yet it was probably the quickest five hours of my life.

Our first stop was at the so-called ‘Ice Cave’. The name does it justice, as it was very chilly indeed, but the cave’s mysterious beauty more than made up for this.

………. The cave floor –
………. as if petrified Buddhas
………. stirred in our torchlight

Our second port of call was the foot of a hill, from where we had to climb a narrow forest path. Young and old, weak and strong, we all reached the viewpoint with only minor scratches. And there was a sight to behold: the meandering Canyon beneath us, in all its glory, last sanctuary of the majestic Griffon vulture.

As we were climbing down toward the boat, I overheard someone saying, as if reading my own mind: ‘May this reserve remain intact forever’.

………. Cruising along 
………. Uvac’s meanders –
………. a
 vulture’s regal flight



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  1. Where’s the Like button? I would like to press it…

  2. impressive view. it actually looks like the claws of a giant vulture. were these two ports of call the only stops on the tour?

    • Gerald, never thought of that. Well spotted. To answer your question: yes, basically. However the guide/boatman was stopping for us to take photos of vultures, cormorants, fish, rock shapes… If you are ever in that part of the world the tour is a must.

  3. Although the word ‘meander’ itself does not include the letters U or V, there are 5 in the final haiku (2 of them in the place name!), which, to me, nicely reinforces the central motif. The Cave (V) and the Buddha-like (U) stalagmites of the first haiku prepare the ground for the V flying above the U s…

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