Yoshihiko Suzuki

Today, I heard the sad news that one of Hailstone’s founding members, Yoshihiko Suzuki, had passed away of cancer last month in Nishinomiya, aged 90. He graduated in 1951 from Tokyo Univ. as a mechanical engineer, later working for Sakae Kogyo KK. Because of his excellent English, he was often posted abroad. The trilingual haiku here is reproduced from his book, Signpost (pub. 1999). In it, we find Yoshihiko out in Thailand, from where he sent us many wonderful poems. The haiga of a Thai elephant is by his daughter, Ritsuko, whom, together with his wife Michiko, he leaves behind. There are grandsons, too (viz. another fine haiku, for which there is an extant kuhi (poem stone) in Hikami-cho in eastern Hyogo (btm. lt.). Our thoughts are with them all. [Click on any pic to see more detail.]Why? Why not? / Little grandson asking endlessly – / Spring evening

Summer shower – / Encountering a beauty, / Saying, “After you!”

Waiting in a long line / To cradle for a minute / The tiny koala …………. (Sydney, pub. The Meridian, 1998)

Floodwaters besieging / An old temple – / It grows dark …………. (Thailand, pub. Enhaiklopedia, 2005)


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice tribute.

  2. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    Very sad news!
    I would like to express my sincere regret at hearing of that polished poet’s death. Suzuki-san was a true gentleman.
    His trilingual haiku collection is on my bookshelf and will be treasured always.
    Hisashi, M

  3. I wish to express my sincere condolences to Yoshihiko’s family.

    the air cooled down
    talking of my old ginko mate

    • This is impressive, Nori. Thank you. I wish to use it on a short tribute page in Hailstone’s next book. OK?

  4. 渋谷 みずほ Says:



    his back
    having led the way in silence ―
    fallen autumn leaves

    みずほ (Mizuho Shibuya, for Yoshihiko)

    • Thank you, Mizuho, for sharing this heartfelt verse. I guess that, for many of our poet friends, Yoshihiko was a kind of pioneer. And such a gentleman, too. I hope you will allow me to use this beautiful haiku in our next Hailstone book.

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