from the Icebox inbox – 39

cold morning moon
streaks of cloud discreetly veil
an absent face

K.B. Nelson

bare branches –
I carry the bin across light
scattered on gravel

Diarmuid Fitzgerald

a kestrel stoops –
the cutting edge
of a shakuhachi

Theresa Cancro

mounted on a rusted pole a rain-beat flag

Payal Aggarwal

First day of spring —
a stray monkey swaying
on the top of a pine

Yoshiharu Kondo

* Everyone is welcome to submit a haiku to the Icebox whenever they wish by leaving them as a comment (via reply box) either under this post or on the new Submissions 5 page (see link at top right of our top page, reached by clicking anywhere on the top I C E B O X photo). Please feel free to comment below on this selection. Some of the haiku are very open to interpretation!

2 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 39”

  1. Hello, I can’t see an actual link at top right to access a submissions page so hope this reply feature will suffice.

    Here’s my haiku offering:

    harbour cafe
    fish bones glinting
    splintered moonlight

    Sheila K. Barksdale (England)


    • Thanks, Sheila. Perhaps you were looking at the posting alone and not at it on our top page. To get to the top page from anywhere in our Icebox, just click the top banner photo (of hailstones on a shrine’s wooden boarding), then you’ll see all the page links. The “Submissions – new ones here!” link is last in the list, just above the Search Box. Leaving new haiku submissions as a comment here is just fine, though.

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