Plum Blossoms I

The following is the first part of a recent haibun by Nobuyuki Yuasa (Sosui).  

The fragrance of plums —
Suddenly the sun comes up
On the mountain path.                 Basho

.. Plum blossoms are beautiful, especially in the morning when their colours are highlighted; yet plums appeal not only to the eye but also to the nose. In fact, the scent of their blossoms is their greatest charm. When their aroma is carried on a gentle spring breeze, I am captivated by its nobility and find nothing else capable of rivalling it. In the garden I can see from my windows, white plums are just now coming out — one or two already fully out, but the rest still pinkish-white balls, some swollen and others small. It is plum blossoms at this stage that I love best, for they give us hope and trust in the future. A week from now, they will be in full bloom. Then I can enjoy their fragrance. On warm days, I shall open my windows wide to enjoy it, far superior to any artificial perfume.

I know there are plums
In the recess of darkness —
Deeply scented winds.                  Sosui

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Plum blossoms are lovely, and lovely to read about. The 5-7-5 syllables give the translations a sense of form which appeals to me ( I recently read a robust defence of using the syllable count in English). However, I wondered about the content of both haiku and the body of the haibun being about the same subject. Isn’t tangentiality one of the genre’s aesthetics?

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  3. This comment came by email: “Congratulations, Nobuyuki Yuasa san, nice haibun, best always, angelee (deodhar)”

  4. A strong, sensual, memorable haibun!

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