3 responses to “Autumn Haze

  1. This is a beautiful and skillful rendition of a typical autumn scene. Two small things slightly bother me, though, and I hope the author doesn’t mind me pointing them out. The first is the mention of haze, whereas the sky is decked with merry little clouds. The second is that possibly the seal impression should be turned anti-clockwise through 90 degrees. I am willing to stand corrected on either issue, though. As a marriage of painting and verse, it’s charming. The font used is perfect.

    • Hi Stephen. Thanks for the comment. “Duro Jaiye” is written on the seal script.  It is read from the top right down, and then from the top left down. This is the position the seal is affixed on the picture. Also, I understand your expectation regarding haze in this painting. I think the merry little clouds refused to be obscured by the illusive nature of the forms of haze alluded to in the verse.