Haipho works for NHK Haiku Masters in Kyoto 1. ‘Snow’ team



Photo by Mayumi Kawaharada, haiku by Albie Sharpe

For the Icebox event report Click here
For the NHK report, here


2 Responses to “Haipho works for NHK Haiku Masters in Kyoto 1. ‘Snow’ team”

  1. Richard Steiner Says:

    Wonderful photo and marvelous haiku. Thank you both, and the site, too, for sharing.
    If I may, for the haiku, I would have replaced song of snow, with whisper of snow. But that is my take alone. The haiku stands strong as it is.

  2. Ursula Maierl Says:

    elegant, evocative (‘whisper’ works; gives a different feel from ‘song’); photo is so unusual.

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