Thinking of Angelee

For those planning to take part in next year’s Genjuan International Haibun Contest, we are very sorry to have to announce that our colleague Angelee Deodhar, one of India’s foremost haiku poets, passed away quite suddenly on June 28 in Chandigarh. She had been in recent correspondence with us, not only about the Contest and publications, but also about a planned visit to Japan next spring. Those of us who have worked with her at the Cottage of Visions are greatly saddened. She made a splendid contribution to English haibun, by editing the epic ‘Journeys’ anthology series and helping to judge the Genjuan, yet she herself always remained modest, tactful and warm. She signed off her letters, to me at least, with the phrase, ‘Love and light’ …

This graciousness will surely continue to be felt and cherished. Our thoughts are with her family and close friends at this time.

It is appropriate to share what she had apparently once referred to as her 辞世 jisei, or death verse:

water-worn boulder
so smooth now
against callused feet


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  2. 💐🙏☮️🌅📿

    Just adding my prayers for a smooth transition.
    May Peace be your friend all the way to your cherished home…
    and may your life and deeds achieved be
    a great inspiration to your family and friends 💫

  3. Gerald England, forgive us, but because your comment lamenting Angelee’s passing contained at least two links it automatically went into spam and was I think inadvertently deleted. If you see this, can you kindly post again with one link only? Thanks.

    • Thanks, Gerald England. I had a look at your interesting site and decided to list it on our Blogroll links to right of top page. If you feel that our own content is up to it, please feel free to reciprocate. The Hailstone Haiku Circle, based in Kansai (W. Japan), was established in 2000 … and the Icebox is our main web presence. The baby squirrels haiku by Angelee is immensely sweet.

      • Thanks. I’m not actively updating my website these days. I mainly just keep it alive as an archive. Icebox is in my links on my blog which is how I noticed this announcement. Best wishes.

  4. This, just in from Nobuyuki Yuasa (Sosui):
    “I read your email and looked at your announcement in the Icebox, but it is hard for me to believe that Angelee is dead. She has been so active that I did not have a moment’s misgiving about her health. Her death is a great loss for all of us, but especially for the Genjuan Haibun Contest. It will be difficult to find anyone who will fill her place.”