Tokyo Meeting

In spite of my Icebox truancy, Tito kindly invited me to take part in a meeting in Ueno, almost two weeks ago, of the Meguro International Haiku Circle. And then, in spite of my arriving late, the poets kindly asked me to contribute some of my haiku.

Here are the three I read out, composed last month on a trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Gold pagoda
Roofs outreached by limbs of
A yellow tree

Not a Buddha
But a man, arms folded
At a bus stop

I played ball with
The children, and parting
Was no sorrow

Then, nearing home that evening, inspired by the poetry I’d heard and the acquaintances I’d made, the following came to me while walking by the river

Dark Sumida
From where these loud slaps on
The rolling hull?

One response to “Tokyo Meeting

  1. Well, great to see you again, David, and to welcome another Icebox contributor back into the fold (sheep farmer’s term)! It’s interesting that you end with a haiku on the noise from boats moored on the Sumida River, flowing through Tokyo, when the previous two posts have featured, respectively, the Shimanto River in Shikoku and the Tone River in Gunma. How Hailstone poets love these Japanese rivers, watching and listening to them! In ancient Celtic northern Europe, the rivers were all considered to be goddesses. I enjoy the limbs flowing through this particular batch of haiku – outreaching limbs, folding arms, ball playing (that one, a beautiful haiku!), hulls slapped.