Matsuzawa Pond Ginko-no-renga



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Matsuzawaike Ginko-no-renga was organized, and hosted by Teruko Yamamoto in Ibaraki, Osaka. 14 people attended, including two from distant Shikoku. The stroll took place on 3/31, a day of mixed weather, and featured a walk along the bank of the Pond, stops at local shrines, and a visit to Tadao Ando’s famous Church of the Light 光の教会 .

Gerald Staggers (Duro; sabaki), Mizuho Shibuya (shuhitsu)

5 Responses to “Matsuzawa Pond Ginko-no-renga”

  1. Really lovely. Thank you.

  2. david mccullough Says:

    Thanks Gerald, love the illustration.

    • David, weren’t they whistling ducks rather than whispering ones? Poetic licence?
      It’s a very delicate linked verse. The hokku is outstanding.
      Thanks to Gerald, Mizuho and Teruko and daughter for a memorable event.
      We tuned into Matsuzawaike in a rather different way from how we tuned into Midorogaike last autumn. It’s interesting to compare:
      Thanks to you for the nice photos, which I’ve used to accent G’s post. The one in the Chapel is particularly good. (The duck one is mine.)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Gerald!
    What a fantastic drowing!!
    Mayumi K

  4. One nice haiku from the day which did not make it into the renga is this one by Mayumi Shigeta, who came all the way from Takamatsu:

    spring stroll –
    now hanging in the pondside villa
    haiku poets’ coats

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