Matsuzawa Pond Ginko-no-renga



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Matsuzawaike Ginko-no-renga was organized, and hosted by Teruko Yamamoto in Ibaraki, Osaka. 14 people attended, including two from distant Shikoku. The stroll took place on 3/31, a day of mixed weather, and featured a walk along the bank of the Pond, stops at local shrines, and a visit to Tadao Ando’s famous Church of the Light 光の教会 .

Gerald Staggers (Duro; sabaki), Mizuho Shibuya (shuhitsu)

5 responses to “Matsuzawa Pond Ginko-no-renga

    • David, weren’t they whistling ducks rather than whispering ones? Poetic licence?
      It’s a very delicate linked verse. The hokku is outstanding.
      Thanks to Gerald, Mizuho and Teruko and daughter for a memorable event.
      We tuned into Matsuzawaike in a rather different way from how we tuned into Midorogaike last autumn. It’s interesting to compare:
      Thanks to you for the nice photos, which I’ve used to accent G’s post. The one in the Chapel is particularly good. (The duck one is mine.)

  1. One nice haiku from the day which did not make it into the renga is this one by Mayumi Shigeta, who came all the way from Takamatsu:

    spring stroll –
    now hanging in the pondside villa
    haiku poets’ coats