Tennozan Clouds

On June 22nd, Tito and I joined William Russell and his New Zealand friend Matt at Suntory Kyoto Brewery for a tour, concluding with a welcome sampling of three of their wares.

My friend,
first one into
the beer-tasting room:
summer clouds
………….. Tito

Though it was a hot, sunny day, Tito and I, thus fortified, proceeded to walk west to Ogura Shrine and from there up to the peak of Mount Tennōzan (270 m). Clouds rolled in as we climbed, and for a while threatened rain, though in the end only a few drops fell. The air was dense with humidity and mosquitoes.

A black haze
circling my legs,
but never landing —
our Aussie mozzie lotion!
………….. Richard

The woods were fecund, sustaining us with red bayberries and orange raspberries. We paused at Ryūjin Pond, embroidered with duckweed. Our descent into Sakatoke Shrine brought us more of nature’s bounty:

Pulling drips
from out of the stormy sky,
purple hydrangea
………….. Tito

4 Responses to “Tennozan Clouds”

  1. So poetic: air dense with mosquitoes, duckweed-embroidered pond. The haiku pieces on the other hand, sound almost pedestrian by comparison.

    • Ouch! Thanks, B, anyway. ‘Pedestrian’ is right as we walked the whole way rather slowly. Sorry that the verse chosen appears to drag, though.

  2. Richard Donovan Says:

    Branko, well spotted — I was going for the rare inverted haibun: poetic prose and prosaic poems! ;)

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