Hong Kong Black



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A cirku is a haiku laid out in the form of a circle (to be read clockwise). It should work as a poem from whichever of the three line-spaces you start.

Thus, (reading from the :00 position) ‘long before dawn / a pack of stray dogs / baying me on my way’, or (from the :17 position) ‘a pack of stray dogs / baying me on my way / long before dawn’, or again (from the :38 position) ‘baying me on my way / long before dawn / a pack of stray dogs’: each works. Whichever image comes last is emphasized.

The haiku was written 12 years ago as I night-climbed Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan), Hong Kong. The pack of stray dogs was scary, for I was alone, but I made myself think that they were actually cheering me on! I reached the summit (934m) as dawn broke over the South China Sea and took the photo there.


7 responses to “Hong Kong Black

  1. You can find other examples of ‘cirku’ by typing that word into the Search Box on the right side of the top page.

  2. Beautiful!
    Now I understand some more about how to compose Cirku rather than usual Haiku. It’s a very skillful work.

  3. I like that the Cirku offers a engaging quality to it. However, I wouldn’t want to be alone on a mountain, near a pack of baying dogs.

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