Summer, in the shade

Summer exhibition —
the folks assemble
dressed in blue-and-white ….. (Tito)

On 18th August, a scorching day, a few Hailstones got together for an art exhibition 真夏の芸術祭 held at Galerie Aube inside Kyoto University of Art & Design, where one of our members, Yoshiharu Kondo, was showing his creations. There were about 100 pieces on display; the majority, paintings. We walked around, each person choosing one or two favourites:

A school of ceramic salmon —
an Ainu Upopo, now sung
at the art festival ….. (Yoshiharu)

Dandelion seeds
enlarged in the painting …
he fears they might assault him
at night! ….. (Keiko)

A big brown pot —
written right across its body
in replicated characters,
“Seven Gods of Good Luck” ….. (Yoshiharu)

Cinnamon  background;
the dark-amber skeletons of
Chinese lantern pods ….. (Ursula)

Pleasingly, we all fell in love with Yoshiharu‘s two pieces, a ceramic tsubo-daiko and a handmade storybook featuring his own haiku and tanka.

Summer, in the shade —
A bisque-fired drum
Resounds through the hall ….. (Mayumi K)

Clear Moon —
in his poem,
a villa for his students
who’ve passed away ….. (Keiko)


Glad to report that the subsequent mishap that befell one of our number has now resolved itself!

Calling and calling
my lost cell phone —
no reply ….. (Ursula)

4 Responses to “Summer, in the shade”

  1. Dear Icebox!

    May I share this on the BHS Website – and Iceboxes in future?

    Colin Blundell

    • Stephen here, admin. ed. of Icebox. Let’s take this up by email, Colin. To be considered tomorrow or the next day. Thanks very much, though, for your interest.

  2. Thanks for this report Mayumi. Yoshiharu‘s ceramic “tsubo-daiko” seems to have so much life to it. I want to hold it. I like the idea of writing poems inspired by art. Several of the poems had some interesting phrases in them.

    • Thank you very much Gerald.I am sometimes enjoying to beat ‘tsubo-daiko’. Do you want to beat the ceramic ‘tsubo-daiko’? It looks quite like a piece of Bizen pottery.
      Thank you very much for visiting, Hailstone haiku friends!

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