Arima: a letter to Michael

Dear Michael,
It was very good to spend some time together. How vivacious is Miu!
Kaz and I enjoyed our night at Gekkouen Inn (we imagine it must be the original part that we stayed in, as smaller and slightly rusty and rickety, but nice). Meals were Viking Style (at long tables with knives drawn), thus the reasonable price. The riverside bathing pool, though shallow, was iron-stained and wonderfully relaxing, safe behind a screen from prying eyes. The forest trees, long-limbed, a canopy above.

…….. From the window
…….. of the covered bridge,
…….. an autumn-scented stream

…….. Black clouds swirl
…….. before the high full moon:
…….. who stays
…….. in the turret room tonight?

This morning, before the bus back to Kyo, we visited Kameno-o Shrine:

…….. A turtle’s tail
…….. of red trickling water …
…….. I frame it for a friend

Best regards, ….
Tito …..

5 responses to “Arima: a letter to Michael

  1. 蓑亀(mino-game) is a turtle which seems to wear a straw rain-cape: actually, a type of long green algae (genus Basicradia) on its carapace. Thus it looks like the tail of the animal. It is thought to symbolize enjoyable longevity and has been valued from before the tenth century in Chinese and Japanese literature and arts. Lines formed by the trickling water in this Arima cascade are thought to resemble the tail of such a turtle. Happy Kamesans!