November Sky

November sky
Quite as blue as over
April’s blossoms


My partner and I have been together for over a decade. For several years now, this has been a miracle that, like most miracles, has come to seem everyday.

Yawning blue I
Never tire of you, oh,
Tire not of me

2 responses to “November Sky

  1. There’s something about the repetition of certain words in this short but very sweet haibun – blue, miracle, tire – that helps to weave a spell. The musicality of the piece is remarkable, with even a suspicion of rhyme. The enjambment in the last verse is idiosyncratic but works. Most would probably have written it as
    Yawning blue / I never tire of you – / Oh, tire not of me
    but perhaps this would have made the rhyme too obvious. A most unusual haibun. Thanks.

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