8 responses to “Spring Turtle

  1. In retrospect, perhaps ‘flies back’ might have been more interesting than the frog-like ‘jumps back’?
    Until that day, I didn’t know that turtles could jump and fly!
    I should dedicate this haiku to 宮嵜亀 Hisashi Miyazaki and Dimitar Anakiev, the Two Haiku Turtles.

    • The turtle has landed again from the lake to go to a spring field for whispering. It has found people are under the anti-viral campaign of ‘Stay home’ here in Japan. Warm, calm, peaceful out-door atmosphere of the season to the poets alone.
      just felt to hear
      turtle’s whisper in the garden:
      stay-home afternoon

      • Thanks for the comment linking your spring fields and my Saga lake. 1st line of your haiku might be better as ‘thinking I can hear’?

  2. A turtle was tanning itself
    on the fallen tree trunk comfortably —
    once the poet took a picture
    it dived into the pond

    It is only my imagination!