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  1. Nice painting for Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi, May 5). The effect, almost like that of a cartoon.

  2. It’s very interesting haiga for a national emergency.

    some children play in the park
    others can’t sleep
    some feel hungry

    • It’s unfortunate that a child’s innocence can not protect them from suffering.

      Issa, after the death of his child who suffered from smallpox? (translated by Sam Hamill)

      this world of dew
      is only the world of dew –
      and yet … oh and yet …


      (Excerpt from Basho’s Journal of Bleached Bones in a Field; translated by D.L. Barnhill)

      I was walking along the Fuji River when I saw an abandoned child, barely two, weeping pitifully. Had his parents been unable to endure this floating world which is as wave-tossed as these rapids, and so left him here to wait out a life brief as dew? He seemed like a bush clover in autumn’s wind that might scatter in the evening or wither in the morning. I tossed him some food from my sleeve and said in passing;

      those who listen for the monkeys:
      what of this child
      in the autumn wind?


      Gomei – (translated by Sam Hamill)

      Warning his children
      of danger, father deer calls
      from a summer hill

      • Thank you very much,Gerald.
        I read a little Issa’s「おらが春」(ora ga haru) and annotation.In this work Issa wrote that his older daughter さと女(sato-jyo) died from smallpox.She lived to be only 400 days.
        Issa’s Japanese haiku
          tuyu no yo ha
        tuyu no yo nagara
        sari nagara
        I’m in his deep grief to express in the 3rd line,「さりながら」(sarinagara).He was 56 years old at that time.

  3. 松尾芭蕉の「野ざらし紀行」に
     富士川のほとりを行くに、三つばかりなる捨子(すてご)の哀れげに泣く有り。  (中略)

    • listening to the monkey’s cry 猿を聞く人
      what would he say about a baby   捨子に秋の風いかに
      abandoned to the autumn wind
      (translated Jane Reichhold)
      I find it “BASHO The Complete Haiku”.

      • I see. The Basho haiku translation by Reichhold is more meaningful and doesn’t need the haibun context attached to it.

        Thanks. The word “abandoned” is a pretty useful word.