Screen Doors 網戸

Screen doors start sliding as temperatures rise, relieving indoors of heat, keeping papers from fleeing and birds and insects at bay, partially filtering the air let in, and casting a fine blur, a moiré, over the view outside.

Beyond the screen door
Blues, yellows in a vase
A sky of cloud

Gasping curtains
Suck to the screen door
Sudden breezes

A small whiff of
A neighbor’s cigarette
A screen door slams

8 responses to “Screen Doors 網戸

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  2. This is fine writing, David. Thank you for contributing such a nice, seasonal piece, and on a subject most would overlook. You make our 網戸 amido come alive. A perfect appreciation or etude, ending with a resounding ‘slam’!

  3. Hello David,thank you very much for your kind answer.Very nice screen door in the rainy season!