3 responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 47

  1. This is a lovely presentation of the haiku, Gerald. Beautiful work by all. Thank you so much for including mine. I will never forget when you came and read your haiku sequence on water as a special guest at the Eigo no Haiku class of Stephen’s in Osaka, Gerald. I never realized until then how beautiful and deeply touching on an ineffable level haiku could be presented. Arigato!

  2. The common denominator underlying almost all these poems seems to be light: sunlight moonlight river-light shadow shine. I especially enjoyed Winter Fly’s warm social realism, Sydney’s almost imperceptible sound, Gerald’s late summer lotus painting, Lakshmi’s wondrous gift of light on her pillow (though until now I’d never heard of a ‘sturgeon moon’!) – so many fine images this time.