from the Icebox inbox – 48

a coruscation
of moonlight across the dark sea—
election results

Sydney Solis, Florida

My sandwich vanishes—
A kite flies away
Into the autumn sky

Hiyori Nakao, Kyoto Univ.

Crossing Sanjo Bridge
white hilltops in the distance
he blows on his hands

Peter MacIntosh, Kyoto

pause in the traffic…
the pop of monsoon raindrops
on the road

K. Ramesh, Tamil Nadu

thick webs
in between the branches
gardener’s long leave

Lakshmi Iyer, Kerala

mud pies…
what could smell better
than a handful of earth?

Ingrid Baluchi, North Macedonia

After the rain
falling on my shoulder now…
gingko leaves

Takumi Harada, Ryukoku Univ.

on New Year’s Day
the twinkling stars descend
down the shore
I lit the lamps of hope
erasing grief’s shadow

Pravat Kumar Padhy, Odisha

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    • May we add Kathmandu (as place of residence) after your name, please, or do you live somewhere else? Though we are all linked on internet, people often express an interest in where the submissions originate. If you do not mind, please inform. If you do mind, tell us so, and no place of composition will be added.

  1. Greetings, Tito! Arigato gozaimasu for selecting my haiku. I am honored. Congratulations to everyone also. I sure miss Eigo de Haiku class with you all. My best regards to you and everyone.