7 responses to “Haiga

  1. Thanks for this fine work, Duro. Yes, I’m very familiar with the sentiment expressed. Your nice succinct haiga reminded me of the following ditty I came up with during my first sojourn in Japan. I can still recite it!
    The farmer as an artist
    too often unobserved
    spring tilling in the valleys
    plum tending in the hills
    (Feb. ’75, Minabe, Wakayama)
    In Basho’s day there was even a famous place in Nagano where people used to go to see the moon reflected from the newly-flooded paddies – ‘tagoto no tsuki’ – nature and man in perfect harmony.
    Happy days to you this rainy season…

    • Moon in the paddies – how lovely. And the ditty – the farmer is the utmost artist! Thanks Stephen, for setting me onto this journey to paddies and hills.

      It has started raining in most of India, but Chennai gets to wait till Oct-Nov (NE monsoon).
      Enjoy the rains!


  2. This is so beautiful. And it takes me to my home in Kerala (India), where this is part of a year’s cycle. Thank you!

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