How swift the seasons!

It was winter when I last posted on Icebox, and in what seems the blink of an eye it’s October already! Let me share three haiku spanning this summer and autumn.

cacophony—a song of
blistering skin

Sweet-smelling grass,
a tiny brown frog leaps
among it all

Paddies at dusk,
crows flee a rising
gibbous moon

And finally, a light-hearted non-seasonal haiku inspired by a statue in a park. (A “tribute” to what birds do best!)

Brave man in bronze
white-lipped, mute to
the birds’ disrespect

2 responses to “How swift the seasons!

  1. ‘Paddies at dusk’ is very picturesque.

    It always amazes me that more than three centuries after Basho’s time we can still write fresh haiku on the same subjects as he did (viz. leaping frogs, and crows in flight at dusk).

    • Thank you, Tito! Your use of the word “fresh” is encouraging. (`Paddies at dusk` is my favorite, too.)

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