from the Icebox inbox – 51

Happy 2022, dear readers!

It’s about time to gather some of the more resonant offerings posted as comments at our current Submissions page. Thank you for sending them in.

summer noon —
the sound of cowbells
outside my home

.. Mira, India

purple loosestrife
stillness of a heron
in autumn sun

.. John Parsons, UK

a grey heron
walks magnificently …
flies off
with a metallic sound

.. Yoshiharu Kondo, Japan

twilight in Salamanca —
a cacophony of birds
all the way home


between mossed trees
white turn arrow on asphalt
points to the moon

.. Sydney Solis, Spain

Colorful silk thread
Thrown across the vast sky —
Dusk’s weaving wheel

.. Sowmya Hiremat, India

8 responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 51

  1. Many evocative images – loved the dynamism of the sky’s vast weaving wheel and the thrown colourful silks of dusk. Interesting contrast of the heron’s stillness; the mundane arrow pointing to the so-mystical moon. Also enjoy that ‘sound’ haiku are so well featured. A lovely selection.

  2. Dear Tito,

    Thank you for the invite. I have these haiku for your consideration.

    long trail ..
    a sense of the forest
    grows in me

    misty morning…
    I write a haiku
    on the car’s windshield

    jasmine scent…
    morning sun warms
    the bellies of storks

  3. I like the images in the selection here. Twilight in Salamanca, the magnificent walk and the stillness of herons, dusk’s weaving wheel and closer home, the sound of cowbells.

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