Of Mangoes and the Sea Breeze

Here are a few haiku from the long summer in the seaside city of Chennai, South India. ……. (Geethanjali Rajan)

summer dawn
many songs
from the Asian Koel

from the squirrel’s feast
scent of ripe mangoes

sultry noon
the fan’s groans
punctuate snores

the jasmine leaf
is a baby praying mantis
evening stillness

orange dusk
the gentle swish
of coconut fronds

end of summer –
the sound of the waves
in my conch

4 responses to “Of Mangoes and the Sea Breeze

  1. Very sensual. I love the sounds, scents and sensations that come in this haiku series as abundantly as do the sights. Bravo!

    • Thank you! It has been a long Summer this year. But we have had some perks too – the mangoes!
      I hope you have some respite from the heat and humidity soon in Kyoto.

  2. Thanks for sharing the goings-on in Chennai. I liked how the sequence moved from the beginning of events to a timeless ending. My favorites were 2, 5,and 6.

    • Thank you, Gerald.
      Chennai has had a prolonged summer, though we have started some on-off rains. The snails are out.

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