Painting Haiga Plates in Higashiyama

Eiko and Akito in the foreground. Jiko at the topLawrence Jiko Barrow kindly opened his studio to Hailstone for a composition stroll (ginko) on Sun., 20 April, 2014. After lunch, we tried to paint, in underglaze colours onto preformed plates, something of what we had experienced. Each plate featured a haiku, some of which are given below.

KC4F0045The woods behind the studio rise steeply towards a hillcrest, on which stands the mausoleum of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, hardly a haiku figure! The fallen leaves were a mixture of the previous autumn’s (still unswept and undecayed) and the leaf-fall of the broadleaved evergreen trees and bamboos, which choose spring to shed. The dog, which belongs to Jiko’s landlord, is called ‘Charo’.photo 24
Easter Sunday —
the hailstone iron kettle


Higashiyama —
Cherry petals on the trail
A dog is reluctant to walk


white fungus
has wound around the dead oak …

……………. Mayumi Kawaharada

rustling fallen leaves
as we walk:
new spiralling ferns

……………. Akira Kibi

The dog confuses
My pen with a snack —
Spring woodland

……………. Tito

The bamboo grove,
My father gently recalled

……………. Ursula Maierl

Absorbed in serenity
Leaves rustle, birds sing —
The warlord’s tomb!

……………. Eiko Mori

Hideyoshi’s tomb —
Nobody sweeps here
But the April wind

……………. Branko ManojlovicKC4F0054
photo 15KC4F0063















Others participating: Peggy McMonagle, Akito Mori, John Dougill

ECHOES Haiga Exhibition


. Calling,
. the call comes back
. through purple hills
. — e c h o e s

(haiku: Keiko Yurugi;
painting: from the spring Ogura scroll)

DSCN5850a-(painting: Kiyomi Yatsuhashi; haiku: Toshi Ida)

English Collaboration Haiga/(Mt.) Ogura Environmental Support

HAILSTONE HAIKU CIRCLE EXHIBITION 25 Feb. to Mar. 2 at Kyoto International Community House, Keage (4 mins. walk from Tozai subway station of that name). Enquiries: 075 752 1187. Free admission. 11:00-19:00, but opening day 12:00-20:00 and closing day 11:00-18:00. There will be 36 haiga collaborations between artist and poet (54 contributors from 8 different countries). [N.B. Collaboration between poet and artist to produce a joint haiga is not a new thing. Precedents include collaborations between Basho and Kyoriku, Buson and Gekkei, Chiyoni and Shijoken, Issa and Hochu, Shiki and Shihota, Kyoshi and Seiho, Seisensui and Hosai.] One corner will show haiga and sculptural works created on and for Mt. Ogura (in association with the NPO, People Together for Mt. Ogura). The largest work is a group painting measuring 4m and inscribed with 6 English haiku. Our new book, Meltdown, will also be on view. Please come along!
It is hoped that a report, including a photo or two of the show, will appear at the Icebox in future.

Haiga Walk III

Please take a look at Gerald’s charming compilation of work gathered from participants on the recent Kyoto Haiga Walk he organized for Hailstone. Click on the ‘Haiga Walk III’ page link (top right).

We will focus on haiga at the Hibikiai Forum English Haiku Poems seminar in December. The YBC English Haiku class is already preparing for a small exhibition of haiga in Senri-Chuo next year.

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Haiga sensei’s haibun

The Bush Warbler

by Tsuchi-no-ko

It was still quite cold, but at eleven in the morning on the twenty-first of February this year, a bush warbler appeared. I watched in silence. It flew down to the old deutzia clump … then to just beside the boiler for the bath … on to the nandin bush … and around the square drainage sump – all places where little insects might be had.

I had some cheese which I pinched out a little of, every now and then, and made into rounded pellets. These I set outside.

Somehow or other, all this filled me with glee.


ura niwa ni  uguisu yatte  kite-kureta

……….Into the back garden

……….… a bush warbler has

……………….deigned to come.

(trans. from the Japanese by SHG)